About Us

I work with my best friend, said best friend is known for wild ideas. One day, while working on a project in the office, she looked at me and said "you should start a cookie business." What! I had never even picked up a piping bag in my life. Like all best friends would do, I signed up for a class against my will.

It took about one hour into said cookie class to absolutely fall in love with cookie decorating. I began baking every night, finding that the stress of the day would melt away with the sound of the mixer. One friend's event after another led to the birth of Wildfour Sugar in 2021, and I have never looked back.


About Me

My mom loves to tell me that growing up I hated two things: school and baking. I was not the kid who liked to get their hands dirty and sticky. So, naturally, it makes sense that I grew up to become an educator and a baker.

I've worked in education for 13 years, starting out as a preschool teacher, I found my passion for "the littles." After moving to Arizona in 2016, I moved into administration where I oversaw the preschool program at our local school district. Last October, I took on marketing in our department.

When I'm not working or baking, I love to be at home with my husband, two dogs, and two cats. We are most likely in the backyard with all four "kids" drinking Black Rock.

How to Shop

Shop small and local with handmade sugar cookies in the East Valley.